Training your dog is both fun and rewarding

The club participates in the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme which is the largest dog training scheme in the UK. Its aim is to promote responsible dog ownership and in turn, enhance our relationship with our pets and to make the community aware of the benefits associated with dog ownership.

We welcome all standards of handlers and dogs to be trained. Training clubs that run the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog scheme will cover every aspect of dog ownership, from Puppy Foundation level through to Bronze, Silver and Gold awards


Dog showing is the most popular canine activity in the country

Ringcraft is the art of preparing and training dogs for the show ring.

Owners are taught how to show their particular breed, how to move the dog correctly and advice is given on what equipment ie leads and collars should be used etc. The dogs are taught to stand still whilst the judge checks their conformation (the skeletal structure and angulation) and teeth (bite- the alignment of the teeth) be it on a table or on the floor.

The training is designed to get your dog accustomed to being judged, having judge go over your dog, stacking and running up your dog alone and in company.


Agility is open to all types and sizes of dog and is fun and exciting

Dog agility is a dog sport in which a handler directs a dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy.

Dogs can begin training for agility when young or old; however, care is taken when training dogs under a year old so as to not harm their developing joints. Dogs generally start training on simplified, smaller, or lowered (in height) agility equipment

However, even quickly learning puppies must be finished growing before training on equipment at standard height to prevent injury.

Introducing a new dog to the agility obstacles varies in response. Each individual dog learns at his own pace; confident dogs may charge over equipment with little encouragement, while more timid dogs may take weeks to overcome their hesitations with much encouragement.

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